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Which fossil fuel would you like to replace?

Natural gas consumption:

Natural gas price:





because your current heating requirement can be covered with 

3709 liters 

methanol fuel from your own production.

1376 kg 

2536 kg 

organic waste such as: cardboard, paper, wood chips, lawn clippings or: kitchen waste

Save heating costs of 

plastic waste. Alternatively also suitable are 

For this you need annually approx. 

What to do if the amount of waste is not enough?
--> Then mix your fuel into purchased one.
Or: It is also possible to buy suitable biomass (e.g. wood pellets).

stored solar energy

stored energy from waste

Biomass purchase (e.g. wood pellets):


Biomass price:


Even without a sufficient amount of waste, you save with your 1to7plastastic system, because the costs for  wood pellets with us are only 

2130 EUR. 

You also save money compared to a modern wood pellet heating system, because with your current heating requirements a classic wood pellet heating system it would cost 

with a wood pellet quantity of

With the 1to7plastastic system you save heating costs of at least 

(2639 EUR)

3142 kg 

With a sufficiently high own waste volume even annually 

1385 EUR per year.

(2639 EUR)

In addition, you also save electricity from your PV system in the amount of

7839 kWh

Perfect for heating with the summer sun in winter.

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